assorted 1" pinback buttons
// build your own six pack for $4-6, or four pack for $2-4.

treat your mother right
code: tymr
cops can't dance
code: ccd

body positive (b&w)
code: bposibw

feminist fist (green, pink, brown)
code: feminfist

(dumpster) dive
code: dumdi

body positive (floral)
code: bposiflo

end girl hate
code: endgh

read more zines
code: remozi

intersectional feminism or bust
code: interfem

smash the gender binary
code: smashgb

#1 diy, #2 dit, #3 diy or dit
codes: diy, dit, diydit

stay posi
code: stayposi

consent is sexy
code: cosex

be excellent (text)
code: bextext

be excellent
code: bexcellfists

ask about my preferred pronouns
code: pronouns

be nice to yourself
code: benice

miscellaneous goodies
// i've moved my handmade jewelry, 1-of-a-kind buttons & some other odds & ends over to etsy, take a look! //



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